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Remote Permission setting fails

Thx, I will look after it, now. :)

It works fine now... I don't know what was the problem, I did the permission setting the same way both times.

Anyway, thank you for your help!

Re: Remote Permission setting fails

Your SCPonly shell does not support +/- syntax of chmod or chmod command at all. It the first is true, you may try to specify permissions exacly (all checkboxes must be on or off, none must be "undefined"). In this case WinSCP uses octal format of chmod. This feature is supported only by latest build of WinSCP.

Remote Permission setting fails

I can't set permissions on my remote directories. The error code is:

Command "chmod u+rwx,g+rx-w,o+rx "kepek""
failed with return code -1 and error message
invalid characters in scp command!
here:+rwx,g+rx-w,o+rx "kepek"
try using a wildcard to match this file/directory.

I hope you know why this happens. The server setting is SCPonly.

Thank you for your help