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Re: DragExt on Windows 7 build 7000

OK, thanks for your information. However, I'm not able to test WinSCP in Windows 7 now, so this needs to wait until later.

DragExt on Windows 7 build 7000

I have a bug with DragExt on Windows 7, it doesn't work, creates only empty scp***** folder and says it wasn't able to detect folder, where the file were dropped, sometimes no error, only empty scp***** folder.

Tried both stable and beta versions. I think windows doesn't fully load that extension or something like that. When I do "regsvr32 Dragext.dll" it says extension is loaded, but the problem still exists. Tried to unregister->reboot->register->reboot... nothing.

Under uncertain conditions it really DOES work, after long standby (> 10h), sometimes not. But it works only until the first reboot|logout.

After all WinSCP is a really good piece of software, thanks.