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Would pay for this feature.

Really need this feature implemented.
I would pay to have it get done.

Not having this feature has caused WinSCP to be banned in my company's dev team.
Things get overwritten. Code gets lost.

Re: check if file has changed on remote server before saving

Thanks for your post. This request has been added to tracker.

check if file has changed on remote server before saving


since we are working with winscp, we are having the same problem:
if somebody changes a file on the remote server - after i have opened the same file through winscp and before i could save it back to the server - the changes will be overwritten.

to get rid of this lost update problem, there should be an option whereby winscp is checking the changed date/filesize of the file, before it overwrites it - and warn the user (just like vim does).

i think, directory synchronization is not useable for us, cause there are too many files in this directory which we cannot synchronize localy.
but if there is a way on how this can be handled, i would be glad to know about.

thanks in advance.