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Sounds great!!! :) Looking forward to it!

Re: Background Transfer of Only New and Updated Files

I've found many problems/inconsistencies in the functionality you have problems with. As soon as I find time for this, I'll try to fix it and will send you a new version for testing.

Background Transfer of Only New and Updated Files

Hello out there,

Today I experienced the following: I wanted to transfer changed files from my local machine to the remote side, so I checked the box "New and updated file(s) only" before copying. I wanted WinSCP to do this in the background, thus I also checked the box "Transfer on background (add to transfer queue)". What happened then was, that unchanged files were transmitted also. When not transmitting on background, only the updates files are transferred.

Is the "New and updated file(s) only" option not available when transferring on background? If so, it would be nice to have it! If not so, there is definitely a bug to be resolved.

My configuration:
OS: Windows XP SP 2
WinSCP Version: 4.1.8 (build 415)
Transfer Protocol: SFTP-3
Interface Style: Commander

Maybe somebody has an idea about this?

Cheers, Uwe