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Yes, that makes sense. I seem to be quite adept at making my life more complicated.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Resent Email

All I can see on the screenshot is that you've made folder for sessions with name "xxxx@ftp:". I guess you've did it by mistake by naming your session "xxxx@ftp://domain.xx". WinSCP interprets the slash as folder separator, creating the folder implicitly. Though naming the session is completely free. Of course by naming the session as you did, you only make your life more complicated :-)

Resent Email

I sent it to winscp zero nine at prikryl dot cz. 5/5/09 9:16 AM EST. Subject is "WinSCP Weird Login Name Screenshot".

I just resent it with the same subject name. It has a .jpg attached (screen shot).

Re: Weird Login Name

I haven't received anything.

Weird Login Name

I'm not sure why I have to type all of that. All I know is that it works. I emailed you a screen shot of my Login setup, if you care to look.

Re: Solved

That does not make any sense.
You simply put there name of your stored session as is. "username@ftp:/" looks like a nonsense. Of course unless your stored session has such name indeed.


Thanks. I saw that in the documentation, but I was typing the name of the stored session incorrectly. I was simply putting:


It was prompting me for my user name. I should have been putting:

open username@ftp:/

Thanks for your help!

Re: Automate script without storing password in parameters

zfozz wrote:

Is there a way to recall my stored session with my saved password in it instead?

Sure, "open stored_session_name". Please read documentation.

Automate script without storing password in parameters

I am trying to automate (scheduled daily) a simple script to download some files from my FTP to my computer using SFTP. I have a stored session that I can use to connect manually successfully. I've managed to create the script and it functions properly when I run it. See below:

option batch on

option confirm off
cd /mydirectory
option transfer binary
get file.txt c:\

I would like to avoid having to put my plain text password right in the script. Is there a way to recall my stored session with my saved password in it instead?