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Progress is shown in the console window. Maybe you launch WinSCP incorrectly, if you do not see any output.

I want to automize the ftp upload of pictures to my favorite digital photo service.

I am able to create the script file with vba from my picture database and run it in the Dos box. But from there if no information about the progress and I fear that different users than me are not aware that the ftp upload is in progress and will turn off the PC. It would be easier for the different users to open the GUI and run the script, because all information are there.

Best regards and thank you for your support

Re: Scripting with GUI

Neither is possible. What are you trying to achieve?

Scripting with GUI


I am a new user of WinSCP. I want to use WinSCP especially because of the scripting capability. Is it also possiple to start the GUI of WinSCP, open a connection/session to the FTP server, put files to the background queue and start the transfer with a script?

If the script can only be executed in a Dos console, is it possible to get session and queue informations like files to be performed and the progress in a sperate graphical window?

Kind regards