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Re: [Bug?]

Hm, overwrite confirmations are off for obvious reason when uploading from editor. Though, ok for new files this feature can be disabled.

This issue has been added to tracker.


If I right-click the window and select new file and name it the same as a file that already exists, it opens the new file editor (blank text editor window) and if I save it overwrites the old file even though I have "Overwriting of files" checked under confirmations.

Stuff the bug report guide topic asked for:

  • Running WinSCP 4.1.9 (Build 416)
  • Windows XP SP2
  • SFTP-3
  • GUI, in Explorer-Like mode (Details View)
  • (No error given since WinSCP isn't aware something was wrong)
  • Reproduce: Right-Click File Listing Area -> New -> Type name of existing file -> Type any content -> Save

[*]I was able to reproduce this on more than one server.