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Clearing the cache

I have been following your comments and advice, you are very patronising and telling people what they should do, instead of bloody answering their questions, you are very arrogant and inefficient.
When a user asks you a question, you answer him first and then suggest your crappy ideas to them, first it's not easy to find where to clear the cache on this thing, as always.

Next time answer people's question and don't treat them as if they were idiots.
I hope this is clear enough.
Good day

OK, my preferred solution then would be to limit cache size.

i'm clearing the cache every 4 hours or every winscp's start consume a lot of memory. i think that's not too often but for a keyboard lover like me it'll be very useful. a shortcut is faster than clicking "clear caches" from menu :mrgreen:

Re: Shortcut / Hot Key for Clear Caches

For what reason do you clear cache that often?
If you do not like caching, you can turn it off.

Shortcut / Hot Key for Clear Caches

Can you add shortcut / hot key for clearing winscp's caches?