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UPDATE: Igore this, I solved my own problem by changing the Menu_Visible flag in the .ini file.

Not sure how I overlooked that the 20 or so times I dug through there before, but there it was.

Disable main toolbar in Explorer GUI?

For the most part, WinSCP is doing exactly what I want it to do, in the sense that I have a single executable with an embedded ini file. (This is a great piece of software, by the way.) Essentially, though, I want to prevent the end user from making ANY changes to anything; i.e., disable the main toolbar containing File, Commands, Mark, etc. I've dug around using Resource Hacker, but haven't managed to make any changes that still allow the program to run.

I've looked around, and didn't see a similar topic posted, so I apologize if this is a repeat in any way. I'm using 4.1.9, build 416 on Windows XP machines.