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Made the switch to sftp and synchronize and file resume works like a carm.. :D

I did away with my bulletproof ftp server, :( discovered that gene 6 does ftps and not sftp :cry: so I am using coreftp server right now but was wanting to step up to something a little better. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good sftp server. I know very little about linux so I am trying to stay away from openssh as well.

This is a feature that would realy help alot of people out so it's good to know that it is being looked at. I am going to try my luck with sftp (which means no more bulletproof server :cry: )

Other than that an excellent program.

Keep up the good work. :)

Hm, with FTP it definitely won't work (not sure about SFTP now). Anyway this is being tracked already.

I am using plain old ftp. I thought about using sftp because it appears that it handles file resume better but I'm concerned about the speed of the transfer and It looks a little complicated to setup both client side and server side.

Btw, what protocol are you using?

Running the transfer all day really isn't an option because the internet connection is so slow. But I am having luck with the scripts.

what I have so far:


open mybackupsite
put c:\winscp\backup\*.* /

and a visual basic script to launch it,


Set Command = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
cmd = "C:\winscp\winscp.exe /console /script=script.txt"
Command.Run (cmd)

What I am having trouble with is if the file has already been transferred completely then the conole doesn't give me an option to resume only to overwrite. If this is the case I need to send the "n" key to tell it not to over right it. but if it's not complete then I need to send the "r" key to tell it to resume.

I was thinking something like:

if resume is an option
sendkey "r"
sendkey "n"

but for this to work I will need a way to tell if resume is one of the options listed in the console.

Re: Trouble with file resume while synching folders...

First, for automation use scripting.

With scripting you can limit bandwidth, so you can run your backup whole day.

file resume with synch

Upon reading more into the synchronize command I don't think that it will work for what I am trying to do. :(

But I did find that I would probably have more luck with the upload command. I have changed my task to:

"winscp.exe" backupsite /upload X:\OSBackup\ /User /defaults

I am using ftp as the protocol and the manual resume works when I have the overwrite confirmations box checked but I have to click on resume when the task runs. I was wondering is there a way to get it to automaticly do file resume instead of overwite?

Again thanks in advance...

Trouble with file resume while synching folders...

I came across your program about a month ago and I am having some trouble. What I am trying to do is a simple ftp backup that occurs during the night. I have accomplished this by scheduling a task that starts at 8:00pm and is only allowed to run for 12 hours.

The task is:
"winscp.exe" backupsite /synchronize X:\OSBackup /User /defaults

This works great... :D

Except for when a file is to large to be transmitted in the allowed 12 hours. :(

What I am running into is when the connection is broken in the morning and only part of the file is transmitted, when it reconnects the next night it see's that the 2 files are different sizes and delete's the one on the remote server and starts over again. Is there any way to get it to resume the previous file?

To answer some questions in advanced:
I have file resume enable.
The ftp server supports file resume.
I am comparing files by size. (I have tried modification time but
it just skips over the incomplete file)

Any help or nudges in the right direction would be greetly appreciated.