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found the problem

found the problem
the host moved their server.

uploaded files are not uploaded

never seen anything like this before.

-using WinSCP i upload files to my site.
-when i try to access these files i get a 404 error that the file does not exist
-when i check the webFTP through my web host. i see all the same files except for the one i just uploaded through WinSCP. I can still see and access past files i have uploaded through the same connection on WinSCP, just not new ones as of yesterday.

why is WinSCP failing to actually upload the files?
why doesn't WinSCP detect somethings wrong and give me an error?
why has this problem come up so suddenly?
how do i fix this problem, other than changing FTP's?
how do i detect this problem down the line, rather than thinking there are problems with the files them selves for a while?
I would rather not have to suspect and test the ftp any time i have file troubles in the future.

also just noticed WinSCP is not seeing the file that worked when i created it through webFTP.

WinSCP is the only ftp i have used on this site and host so far. and i have not recently changed any settings.