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Unfortunately, the source code looks like it is so heavily tailored to the development environment used to build it that it will never be compilable with anything else. Otherwise I would give that a try myself.

What a pity to see such a nice program being written in such a non-portable manner.

But then, unless you are going to trash your program in a foreseeable time frame, you will have to convert it to 64 bits anyway when you switch to a 64 bit OS (which we all can expect soon). It is not much fun to use a 32-bit Far, for example, under a 64 bit Windows even though it is supposed to work, because many things don't work well in WOW64.


Re: FAR Plugin for 64-bit FAR?

No, sorry.

FAR Plugin for 64-bit FAR?


are there any plans to make a 64-bit version of the FAR plugin?