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Re: Cannot browse/open file with name "con" "com1" "lpt1"...

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

Cannot browse/open file with name "con" "com1" "lpt1"...

I find winscp cannot browse to folder/open file name with some preserved keywords (con, com1, lpt1 etc...)

1) in cmd, create folder:
md "\\.\R:\con"

2) put some files in con folder:
echo abc>"\\.\R:\con\a.txt"

3) verify it:
type "\\.\R:\con\a.txt"

4) Try to browse to con folder in winscp, no response on double click
5) Right click on con folder, folder disappear?

1) in cmd, create file:
echo abc>"\\.\R:\con"

2) verify it:
type "\\.\R:\con"

3) Try to open to con file in winscp, messagebox with "Cannot open R:\con" shows
4) Right click on con file, file disappear?

Preserved name can be created via UNC path, would winscp support reading these filenames?