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An example would make things much clearer, I agree. After trial and error, this worked for me:
/command open sftp://mylogin:mypassword@

use your own values for these:
mylogin is my user name,
mypassword is my password, and is the IP address of the server I'm trying to reach
Everything else, just copy literally:
/command open sftp://, :, and @

filesonic login problem

I need help to upload filesonic using WinSCP, when I am tray that show
batch           abort

confirm         off
Searching for host... /command "option batch abort" "option confirm off" "open" "put file.txt /" "exit"

Thanks for fast respose..

But the syntax is shown there:
open [ sftp|ftp|scp:// ][ <user> [ :password ] @ ] <host> [ :<port> ]

Like the OP said, there is no example of this in the documentation. So reading the docs again won't help.

Can anyone give an example of the open command with both user and password specified?

Re: Need example of login using WinSCP.exe; username & password

Please read documentation. If that does not help, come back.

Need example of login using WinSCP.exe; username & password

I have not been able to accomplish an unattended login with WInSCP.exe. Specifically there is no example of the command syntax to offer username and password in a cmd file. I can only get as far as
"C:\Program Files\WinSCP\winscp.exe" /console /command "option batch abort" "option confirm on" "open"
which asks me for username in the console window when run. I can answer interactively, but want to run this unattended. How do I put in username and password as a command ?