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Re: filenames with and $ in them

martin wrote:

For what operation are you having problems with $ character? For upload you should not have any, because filename is send as part of the protocol, not "on command-line", so no escaping is necessary. For other operations (including download) you may have problems, but it works fine for me :-) Make sure that you use BASH shell, you may force its usage on SCP tab of login dialog. Also if you server supports SFTP protocol, use it. With it everything should work much better.

What is version of your Windows? I have just tried with Win2k and WinSCP displays (and copy) power-of-two simple as two, which is strange. However again, try SFTP if possible.

We use Windows 2000 here and I think you nailed it - our shell is SCPonly for paranoid security reasons. I bet that is it, esp. if you're not having the problem over there. I will look into it.


Re: filenames with and $ in them


filenames with and $ in them

Hi there,

May I just say that the folks at my company LOVE your program, and often tell me how nice it is to use.

As a naming convention in Windows-land, we use dollar signs in our filenames to indicate certain things. It seems to be a UNIX idiosyncracy that you have to escape those characters with a /.

We also use the (the to-the-power-of-2) character, and while those seem to copy over ok, they do not delete well.

Any possibility to support these types of filenames in the future?

Thanks a lot & my best for a good Christmas season to you.
Dan Gapinski