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Re: 'clean up' by mistake

The point of the clean up is to remove all the sensitive information from the machine. So even if there were a backup (there is no), the clean up would delete even the backups.

'clean up' by mistake

I did a 'clean up' by mistake and now all my sites, keys, etc, are gone.

I know a similar question was asked in 2009, but I hope in 2016 there is an automatic backup made before the clean up.

I was searching to clean the caches for the selected site, not for all! I wanted to reset where the files are automatically 'download and delete', because it wasn't asking me the path no more...

Please tell me there is an automatic backup somewhere.... :oops:

p.d. I can't register "You have exceeded the number of registration attempts for this session. Please try again later." :/ But please forward answer to bb7b5b9 at gmail dot com

Re: Cleanup Application Data

No, unless you have some backup set up on your machine.

Cleanup Application Data

I inadvertently did a cleanup on all my session data and now it is nowhere to be found. Is there a way to restore this information or maybe a backup somewhere on my system.