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Unix Format?

My case its because my Unix script generates output filename with question mark.
Ex :1_1231234567_JD010500000010180917?.xml

This "?" is because of the <CTRL><LF>
So before transfer to server makesure convert to Unix format.
Your script is "cat" any files? Makes that file is in Unix format.

Winscp Call to os function failed

n Winscp Go to Options-->Preferences-->Endurance-->Enable transfer resume--> All files Click on OK and then refresh Winscp. The error should not come.

WinSCP automatically truncate filename to 255 characters


I have also this problem with WinSCP. The 255 limit is not however a limit due to NTFS.

Other software manage the situation and allow writing files with a filename (including path) longer. Example : teracopy with an option in .ini file :

0: Allow to create extra long paths (> 255 characters).

If you could consider again this issue ...

Best regards,

Frédéric Bernard

Re: A call to an OS function failed error

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

A call to an OS function failed error

We have one person that cannot open a file from a remote site. She gets an error message that says it can't create the file in C:\Docs & Settings\user name\...It says, a call to an OS function failed. It is only this one particular document. She can open all other documents. I am able to open the same file from a different computer without any issues.

WinSCP version: 4.1.9 (Build 416)
OS: Windows XP SP2
Transfer Protocol: SFTP
GUI Interface: Commander

I will e-mail you a screen shot of the error as well as the log file.