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Dan Lukes

LOG from custimized debugging version has been sent

Dan Lukes

LOGs has been sent

Dan Lukes

Re: Requested email has been sent (second try)

Second try done.


Re: Requested email has been sent.

I'm sorry, I didn't get any. Please try to send it again.
Dan Lukes

Requested email has been sent.

Thank you.

Re: Re-resumed transfer problem.

Can you send me an email, so I can send you back a debug version of WinSCP to track the problem? Please include link back to this topic in your email. Also note in this topic that you have sent the email. Thanks.

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.
Dan Lukes

Assertion failed

By the way, I got
Assertion failed: xdrPtr && xdrPtr == *xdrLPP, file xx.cpp line 2233
during reconnection (the connection is broken periodically - thanks GTS for such "reliable" ADSL line ...)
I don't know if you are interested, so I didn't created separate bug report.
Dan Lukes

Re-resumed transfer problem.

WinSCP @ Windows XP SP 3
Session protocol = SSH-2
SSH implementation = OpenSSH_4.5p1 FreeBSD-20061110
Encryption algorithm = blowfish
Compression = No
File transfer protocol = SFTP-3
Can change permissions = Yes
Can change owner/group = Yes
Can execute arbitrary command = No
Can create symlink/hardlink = Yes/No
Can lookup user groups = No
Can duplicate remote files = No
Can check available space = No
Can calculate file checksum = No
Native text (ASCII) mode transfers = No
Additional information
The server does not support any SFTP extension.

there local file X and remote file X
The remote file X is partially transfered copy of local file. I want to transmit the rest of local file to remote site.

I selected "copy" (foreground, not background), then "append" ("Do you want overwrite ?") then "no" ("Do you want to append ? Press NO to resume transfer"). The transfer is resumed properly, transferred data are appended to the remote file named X

Network connection is broken, connection aborted. The WinSCP will reconnect when possible. It should resume the transfer after it.

WinSCP doesn't continue with transfer to file X. Instead it create X.filepart remote file and start transfer of local file X from position 0 into it.

Remote file needs to be renamed to X.filepart prior resumed copy of X can be started