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Re: "A call to an OS function failed" -when editing file in root

martin wrote:

I've sent you an email.

Mark, a similar issue has been raised at ServerFault as well. If you do happen to have a solution or hints how to troubleshoot the problem, please contribute and make this information public.



Re: "A call to an OS function failed" -when editing file in root

I've sent you an email.

"A call to an OS function failed" -when editing file in root

We recently setup chrooting in our server using the feature in native openssh 5.3.

The issue is that when a user who has been chrooted logs in, he cannot edit any file in the site root (which is his user root). A non-chrooted user can edit the same file without issue. The chrooted user can even copy the file to his system without issue, but when he attempts to edit the file the error:
"A call to an OS function failed" happens. I'm almost certain this error is because the temporary path that winscp attempts to copy the file contains "\\".
This happens for all files in the root dir, regardless of type.

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Let me know if you need more details. And thanks for a great proggy!

PS. When you get a chance please make the close button on the connecting dialog actually respond to a click :)