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Re: Move directory: Error deleting file

Thank you for a quick fix of this issue.

Re: Move directory: Error deleting file

Thanks for your post. This bug has been added to tracker.

Move directory: Error deleting file

Hi Martin,

WinSCP shows me a strange error every time I try to move directory.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create empty directory, e.g. D:\temp\abc
2) Run WinSCP, connect to remote server
3) Use F6 to move "abc" directory to remote server

WinSCP shows an error message:

Error deleting file 'D:\temp\abc'.
System Error. Code: 2.
Systm nemůže nalzt uveden soubor

Anyway, directory is successfully moved (deleted on local side). Maybe WinSCP tries to delete local directory twice?

Non-empty directory (one file inside) - same problem.
Moving from remote to local side - no problem.

Tested on: WinSCP 4.2.3 beta, 4.2.4 beta. WinXP SP3, GUI, SFTP-3.