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Re: Timezone difference to ftp server.

Thanks for your post. You are right. This request has been added to tracker.

WinSCP v4.2.5:

\winscp-source\forms\Login.dfm - line 566:

object TimeDifferenceEdit: TUpDownEdit
Left = 135
Top = 63
Width = 54
Height = 21
Alignment = taRightJustify
MaxValue = 13
MinValue = -13
Value = -13
Anchors = [akTop, akRight]
TabOrder = 2
OnChange = DataChange

It says right here: minvalue and maxvalue is -13 and 13. Shouldn't this be 23 and -23?

If for the ftp protocol this is the actual time difference between the local and remote timezone, than the maximum and minimum are 23 resp. -23.

Correct? Or am I wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Bye, Robert

Timezone difference to ftp server.

Dear Martin, Thank you for developing WinSCP. Works great for me in situations where other programs fail.

One question: the documentation says "With FTP protocol the option is used to actually set the difference between local and remote timezone.". I live in Thailand and the ftp server I am uploading to is in California.

Bangkok is in timezone +7.00
San Francisco is in timezone -8.00

So the timezone difference is 15 hours. But WinSCP does not allow me to enter this. I can enter "15", but WinSCP changes it to "13". Seems that "13" is the maximum.

If I would live in New Zealand, the timezone difference to my server in California would be 21 hours. The maximum timezone difference a user can have from his/her ftp server is 23 hours.

Correct? Or am I wrong?

Please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Bye, Robert