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Re: use WinSCP as a commander for local directories

There are many such programs already with even more features that WinSCP have. You can try for example Servant Salamander. It is commercial now. But on the site can can download version 1.52, which is for free. It is rather old, but for local directories, it has more functions than WinSCP.

use WinSCP as a commander for local directories


WinSCP is a great tool and it speeds up my work significantly. That's why I thought of using it for local file operations only would be great. What I mean is to have two local direcotries open and move/copy/... between them instead of having one local and one remote directory.

I think (read: hope) this shouldn't be too hard to do :wink:
It would be a really great feature, I think.

Thanks in advance and also for your already done great work,