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Wow, your guys are quick.
Bug is telling me that it is fixed in 2.4.7 already.

Many thanks, now it is just about waiting for the new release :mrgreen:

Regards Agent

Re: Bug while closing Winscp

Thanks for your post. This bug has been added to tracker.

Confirmed issue. Maybe a bug?

Hi there,

I can confirm this issue on my end too. Also XP with SP3 and WINSCP 4.2.6 (Build 721)
It happens to me since i configured my connection to send keep Alive packages.
When the remote connection than get lost (due to network problems for example)
I'm also getting Assertion failed: ramdon_active >=0, file putty\SSHRAND.c, line 242
followed by an abnormal programm termination.

Maybe a bug?

Regards Agent

Bug while closing Winscp


I was using Winscp and while I close it, I got un popup whith the message:
Assertion failed: ramdon_active >=0, file putty\SSHRAND.c, line 242

and afer that Abnormal programm termination

I'm using Winscp 4.26 GUI Explorer for few days and it worked perfectly.
I'm on Windows XP SP3, 32bits.

Finally, I'm using Winscp on localhost, with is a putty/ssh tunnel to the server.