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Sent email to you with steps to recreate error

Thank you very much for being willing to take a look at this. I just sent you an email with an MS word doc attached that will show you how to recreate the error. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Re: Error decoding SFTP packet - Transfer to NetApp Controller

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.

Error decoding SFTP packet - Transfer to NetApp Controller

I use WinSCP all the time for all my SFTP needs. I also happen to be a certified NetApp storage implementation engineer. About 4 months ago NetApp came out with a version of code that supports SFTP. Of course the first GUI tried was WinSCP.

I was able to download files using the WinSCP GUI but when I tried to upload a file the entire file seems to transfer and then the session ended with the error "Error Decoding SFTP Packet (25, 4, 25). The file also showed the filepart extension. Of course my first thought was the problem was with the NetApp controller. I logged a support call with NetApp. NetApp performed testing and found their system was working correctly.

Since then I've used putty's psftp and FileZilla and both work without issue. So, while I can use WinSCP everywhere else without issue it appears there is a problem with NetApp. Now I have over 200 customers I plan to configure SFTP at and I'd really like to continue recommending WinSCP.

I have a document I put together with print screens showing each step I'm taking and exactly where the error occurs. It appears there is no way to attach it to this forum. If someone from support for WinSCP sends me an email I would be happy to send the doc your way.