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Re: Diff I need to view the difference between 2 files

Please read documentation, particularly about the last type of custom commands. If that does not help, come back. There's actually built-in example custom command for running command-line diff, so you can edit it.

Diff I need to view the difference between 2 files

WimMerge does a great job of comparing files. So I was wondering if there is an easy way to configure WinSCP to send the local file(s) and the remote file(s) to WinMerge so That I can visually view the differences.

Now I am copying the remote files to a new sub-directory and then running WinMerge manually.

It would make my world a lot more pleasant if I could just pick 1 or more files and send them to WinMerge. Maybe copy the remote files into a temporary local folder 1st then run WinMerge on them. I think many others could benefit from this also.

Looking forward to some wonderful ideas. I am willing to experiment and post my results but I need some direction on the proper way I should go about this.