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Re: Synchronize browsing functionality

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You are right, I may have been over complicating things in my proposed solution. I think your solution should work.

Could there be an option in the "Cannot open corresponding directory. Create directory yes / no" dialog that says 'Never' (or something similar) and it will disable any further 'Create directory' dialogs?

It would be nice if the settings are remembered across sessions.

Re: Synchronize browsing functionality

Sorry, but to me this looks like too much of artificial intelligence.
What about disabling the synchronized browsing temporarily once you enter non existing directory and re-enable it once (and only once) you get back to the parent directory (no matter in how many different directories were you in between).

Synchronize browsing functionality

I've been using WinSCP for a while now and it's a great program. One of the reasons I started using it was the synchronize browsing functionality. This works as I expected until I change to a folder that doesn't exist.

Current behaviour:
It displays the popup querying whether I would like to create the folder. After I click No, the synchronize browsing is switched off. I have to reenable it once I'm back in the parent folder.

Requested behaviour:
Add a setting that never prompts whether folder should be created (and never creates one). The sync browsing should remain enabled after the unsynchronized folder is selected. The sync behaviour should stay the same for folders as is now, except for the level up (..) folder. The level up folder should only be synced when there are one or more the same files/subfolders in each folder.

I believe this would greatly increase the usability of the synchronize browsing function. Allowing to quickly browse through local and remote locations, finding / copying files or doing whatever action whilst not have to re-enable the synchronized browsing after it gets out of sync.

For advanced settings it would be nice to ignore certain files in the level up comparison (e.g. .htaccess or other files that appear in all directories) or set a minimum number of files/folders that have to be the same.

Looking forward to hear what you think!