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OK I see. I didn't know that you mean the queue.
This request has been added to tracker.

This is just a FEATURE REQUEST ... I would like an option to make it behave this way (display the filename only without the path).

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Re: Transfer source/destination display option

Can you post a screenshot? I believe WinSCP should not behave the way you describe.

Transfer source/destination display option

I would like to see options for the source name display and the destination name display in the transfer window that would show the filename only with no path:

This is the normal behavior:
Source                                                   Destination

C:\documents and settings\username\desktop\filename.txt  /home/mydomain/public_html/folder/folder/folder/*.*

But typically it will display like this due to window sizing:
Source             Destination

C:\documents a...  /home/mydo...

Since I know where I was transfering my file from and where I am transfering it too, I only need to see the filename so I know which transfer belongs to which file without having to scroll the transfer window or without having to resize the Source and Destination columns within that window. I would like it to look this:
Source        Destination

filename.txt  *.*

Or this:
Source        Destination

filename.txt  /home/mydomain/public_html/folder/folder/folder/*.*