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That's unfortunate. I haven't seen the problem myself.

The problem is that I can't. I pulled off my network cable and WinSCP displayed the message that the connection is lost and suggests autoreconnection with a countdown. Most of the time it does this thing. That hanging is a very seldom phenomenon.

Re: Serious system slowdown because of connectivity problems

Can you reproduce the described behaviour easily?

I never had slowdowns caused by Firefox, IE, PuTTY or any other software. They might be hanging themselves for a while, but they do not cause the system to hang.

Basically I see the same behavior in Firefox. The main problem is that all developers on this planet have a very good internet connection and simply aren't aware how their software operates when it's slow or totally unreliable (I'm in Thailand...).

Interrupted network access can stall the current thread/application, your internet is network, and the used software can only help by not hanging in a loop for that time. I too wish WinSCP would handle such sitiuations more nice. Even calling the Task Manager to change to something else is delayed heavily in such moments.

Serious system slowdown because of connectivity problems

Hi. I keep using the program and it's good most of the time.
But I got one tiny problem. We often have conectivity problems at our office, when the connection is off for a few minutes. Sometimes (just sometimes, not every time!) when that happens WinSCP makes the system very slow and almost unresponsive. It tries to reconnect or something, and that takes too much resources (CPU %) I guess. I can't even run task manager to kill it. I can switch to any other application except WinSCP, but I can't actually do snything in those applications either. That lasts several minutes, after that the WinSCP window is finally closed (I click the cross button many times during the slowdown), and then the system is suddenly alive. Note that at that moment the internet connection is not on yet.

I guess the problem is in some connection function inside Windows or smth like that but I can't say for sure.
This is not a frequent problem but you might consider it.