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Thanks I see it's fixed.

Except, it was fixed for the case when the focus was on the other panel; but it was not for the case when the focus was on another application. So if I switch to another program and then click the same file on the panel that had focus before editing is toggled.

Also, regarding full row select, that's turning it off, it might be Ok, though a bit inconvenient, as some filenames are really short, but the problem is I keep getting the stupid situation when first I have a file selected (and focused!), then I select 2 other files with the mouse, note that at this moment the previously selected file is still focused (has the dotted outline), then I hit enter and instead of copying the 2 selected files (shown on the blue background), I only copy the previously selected file or, if it was a (parent) directory, I just go to that directory!! I tried the trick with full row select on and it didn't work: as soon as I start selecting, the previously focused file loses the focus.

And finally, if you can prevent editing a filename when the click goes to any other column than "Name Ext" (full row select on) that actually would be prefect, as full row select is more convenient.

Happy New Year!

Ok, thank you!

Also, I want to note that editing mode is triggered not only when I click the filename, but when I click to the right of it, even if I click on the rightest column of the line, and this is actually the biggiest inconvenience. I want to start editing at least only when I click the filename itself.

Also, editnig begins when the panel was not focused before the click and I click on it just to focus it. But the file was selected before (the line is gray) so WinSCP thinks it's a second click. Is it possible not to start editing if the clicked panel was not focused before the click?

I'm sure this is very easy to implement!

Sorry I mixed the option with "Single-click to open an item". If it's selected and you click a file the file is opened, and if you select "Double-click to open an item" 1 click selects the file while when you click a selected file you edit its name, just like in WinSCP.

ANYWAY: I used wrong arguments but in my practice I do enter filename edit mode 9 times out of 10 when I don't need it at all. Problem is I often click already selected files to just focus the WinSCP window or smth else, this is done unintentionally most of the time. So my request to make it an option remains actual.

I can edit filename with F3 or context menu.

Re: Edit filename on single click

How can you disable this option in Windows Exporer?

Edit filename on single click

Hi again.

Since some version WinSCP supports editing filenames on single click: when I click on a file a text field appears and I can edit its name. This is similar to Windows Explorer, if you selected the option. While that feature may seem cool, I found that in my specific case when I click filenames and WinSCP shows the text field 9 out of 10 times that was not my intention to edit it. I was either to select the file or to just focus WinSCP. All I do then is just hit Esc or click somewhere else to cancen editing. That's not a big deal yet eventually it gets irritating. Also, when you know it's gonna edit it, you start avoiding clicking anywhere and have to carefully select a place to click (for example to select a file), and that's just strange cause the program is good otherwise.

My suggestion is to offer this feature as an option, like it is in Windows Explorer. Editing filenames really is a seldom operation.