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Re: Keeping Remote Server up to date doesn't always Xfer files

OK, Thanks.

I thought the fact that the file had changed on the local side was enought to xfer it to the remote side.

I didn't realize that you were checking the remote's timestamp also. I can see that bing a factor for updating the server to client but not the other way around.

Kevin Meek

Keeping Remote Server up to date doesn't always Xfer files

I've got a weird small problem and I don't know wether it has to do with frequency or size.

I've got WinSCP up and going and have set it to keep remote server up to date. I can then do a few changes and save and watch WinSCP upload the file.

Then, seconds later, I try to either remove a space or change a digit or something real small and save it.

WinSCP's log screen says that it has detected a change in the directory (actually says that 3 times) but doesn't upload anything. I have to go back to the source file and either do a lot of changes (adding and removing spaces) or wait 60-120 seconds. Have I got a setting wrong or something?

Win 7 64 bit on DSL to LAMP server.