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Re: Keep Directory Up2Date Overwrites files on upload =(

Please read FAQ. If that does not help, come back.

Keep Directory Up2Date Overwrites files on upload =(

No ini, registry etc experience but consider myself GUI savvy....

Very VERY happy with the Keep Remote Directory up to date feature, but just one bug/complaint.

When adding a test file to watch directory, uploads to remote ftp perfect.

Adding a second file re-uploads/overwrites the first file....THEN uploads the second.

I set permissions on remote to not allow overwriting/deleting....this throws an error for KeepRemoteUp2Date.

Checking the option to "Ignore errors (advanced users)" seemed to work for just one update, then throws an error every time.
I would be fine if it popped up the dialogue alone, but it completely freezes the Keep Remote Directory Up2Date as well rendering it useless.

Thanks for any help, i did read documentation and searched thoroughly but found (or overlooked) solution.

Amazing Program! Expect a donation in future if i continue use :)