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...and fixed 2min 20sec after that. :shock: :D Thanks!

This bug has been added to tracker.

I am using WinXP Pro. This happens with the latest WinSCP (v4.2.9 Build 938).

Re: Master password makes WinSCP open in the background

Sorry for late answer. I wasn't able to reproduce your problem. What version of Windows are you using? What version of WinSCP? Can you try the latest version?

Master password makes WinSCP open in the background

I just set up a master password to secure some passwords I stored within WinSCP.

When I start WinSCP, I get the regular Login dialog.
When I open a site with a set password I get prompted for the master password.
Ok so far. When the password is correctly entered WinSCP opens but now it opens in the background. Without a master password the program was directly in the foreground, focussed, ready to use.

Could this be changed so that it opens in the foreground with a master password, too?