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No. WinsSCP can browse only paths that start with drive letter.

Yes, clearly.

But given that I'm browsing files that are on my computer (yet synced using Folder Redirection to a UNC path), shouldn't I be able to access them?

It's not accessing a UNC path when the computer doesn't have access to that network.

WinSCP does not support browsing UNC paths.

UNC Paths not supported


Long time user of the great app that is WinSCP. Recently I built out a new Corporate Infrastructure (Microsoft Active Directory and such) that includes the use of Folder Redirection. Essentially making each User's "My Documents" folder live on the network.

It still appears normally to the user, e.g. Libraries\Documents on Windows 7.

However, when I try to go to "My Documents" in WinSCP (as that's where I'd like to transfer files to/from), I get an error "UNC paths are not supported."

The protocol doesn't seem to matter. Also tried the latest 4.2.9 version, same result.