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Re: Ticking the never ask again box .. it asks again! 8>=<

After you tick the Never ask me again and press Yes the Synchronize on start checkbox should turn from greyed state to ticket state. Does it?

Ticking the never ask again box .. it asks again! 8>=<


Ok! These dialog box that appears right after you click the keep remote up to date feature:

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>
Even though I tick the box that says "Never Ask Again" it does over and over again! Grrrr!

Unless there is something I had set wrong here:
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

What are good options for keeping a remote up to date? I use it basically as a work around for MS FAILED (hahahaha) Webdisk. This little gem of a program lets me edit files locally and they it shoots it to my webhost. Beats the pants of editing/ftping over and over again, I can just edit then check. Less clicks and my finger isn't as sore! =)

Suggestions are welcome!