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I use Windows 7 and hadn't any problem for now (which isn't also present on XP etc.)

Did you tried to run it with admin rights?
Have u UAC enabled? (i didn't)
which firewall are u using?

Can you answer my question in the previous post?

Windows7 prevents the connection

Sorry if I answer in a long time, but now I just need to use WinScp. I suppose that the fault depends on Windows7 because there is another PC with XP connectet to the same router and it works properly. I confirm that I have checked the firewall to open the connection to WinScp. What I had to do ?.

Re: connection impossible, only 1 in 10 attempts is successful

Do you have the problem with WinSCP only or with other clients as well?

connection impossible, only 1 in 10 attempts is successful

I often use the program WinSCP to connect my home PC with my job network. Since I bought a new PC with Windows 7, the connection is almost always impossible. On average, only 1 in 10 attempts is successful. I confirm that when I was using the old PC with XP or another PC with W98 the connection was always guaranteed. What does it depend? how can I fix it?