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Thanks Martin, I will investigate further and report back if this is really the case. Would be a first for me where Windows is actually smart! :-)

Re: Synchronising/mirroring local with remote directory fails

That's interesting. Possibly German localization of Windows is "smart" enough to consider the names to be the same. There's nothing you can do about it.

Synchronising/mirroring local with remote directory fails

Hi all!

I would like to use to keep my local music collection up-to-date with my NAS. All changes are made locally, the remote folder should be a mirror of the local folder.

To do this I use the following comand:

winscp.exe account@box /synchronize M:\Folder\ /server/folder /defaults

Normally, everything works fine - however, when there is an additional directory in the local folder that differs from another one by an umlaut ("Weies Papier" vs. "Weisses Papier" in this case), it is not detected and WSCP reports "no differences found". "Delete files" is active

How could I achieve a complete mirror? The same happens btw when I open a regular WinSCP session and choose "synchronise" from the toolbar while having the local and remote folder open.

Thanks! :-)