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Re: Reconnect to dyndns servers

martin wrote:

Would this help you?

The problem described in relates exactly to my problem. Therefore, a solution to that problem would be helpful. The scripted solution does not apply to my problem because i can connect to the server using SSH only.

Best regards,


Reconnect to dyndns servers


I have have bug - or rather a feature request - to report:
My situation is as follows:
1) I connect to a sftp server that uses a dyndns address and a dsl dialup connection.
2) I start a backgroud transfer with a queue that needs more than 24 hours for transfer.
3) after something like 24 hours the internet connection of the server is disconnected and reconnected again. The server gets a _new_ ip address.
4) I myself (the client) get a "Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds" error, which is obvious and correct because the server with the old address is not responding any more.
5) The error message must be acknowledged manually.
...and that's the problem: is it possible to make WinSCP automatically abort the connection and reconnect to the the same server (which has the same name, but a different new address) after a certain period of time? So that WinSCP can learn about the new server address?

Best regards,


BTW: great program! Thanks a lot!