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Has any progress been made on this issue? Having the ability to go back up a directory in the explorer window would be fantastic for me.
Yury Plashenkov

Dear Martin,

Is there any chance you will add the option to show a ".." (parent folder) shortcut in Explorer view?
It would be very nice. Sometimes I drag and drop files to this shortcut to move them to a parent folder, but since I switched to Explorer view, I cannot do this. Sure, there is a perfect folder tree in Explorer view, but I think the option to show ".." will not be excess.

Thank you and good luck!

Yury Plashenkov

Okay, thanks! I just find the .. shortcut to be the easiest to use. :)

Re: Explorer view - .. shortcut to parent

There's no way. You can use many other ways to get to parent directory. Backspace key, Ctrl+PgUp, toolbar icon.

Explorer view - .. shortcut to parent

I was wondering if there is a way to get the .. shortcut to go up one level to the parent directory in the main window in Explorer view? Commander view has this, but I prefer Explorer view as I do not use the Local panel too often.