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Many thanks for the response. It turns out that I was not on the latest version of the software. Once upgraded the script ran as expected.

Kind regards

Re: Latest File Script "No File Found"

I suppose you are trying to parse XML log, aren't you? Make sure you are using the latest version of WinSCP. Also, if you are enabling logging on command line, make sure the filename ends with .xml. If this does not help, you need to provide more details about what you are doing (and how).

Looking at the xml output it does not appear to be XML at all which would explain my nodes is returning nothing it s a log on the interactions rather than the contents of the ls. hmmmm.

Any help appreciated.

Latest File Script "No File Found"


I'm trying to use the latest file script, I have changed the paths etc but it never downloads a file. When checking, nodes is always = 0 to the latest file variable is never set. however the complete list of files is shown on the output.

What should I be checking?

Many thanks