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Kill script....

After looking at many options we're moving forward with a kill script that runs every night.

I implemented the -timeout flag which didn't work. I ran the process against another Unix box with the 'get' cmd and got the same orphaned processes so it's something with the windows server my service is running on or how WinSCP interfaces with the SFTP server.

Let me know if you found anything else.

Thank You for the reply was getting scary to think if it was only that this is happening to.
May be only solution would be to write a shell script to kill them.

I think we're seeing the same things with similar configuration. We have a windows service that is creating a new process every minute and sending SFTP commands. I've been monitoring the processes on Tru64 UNIX box and I see the processes ending when I dispose of my .net initiated process. Although sometimes I can't connect to this server b/c my user I'm connecting with has max processes which are all orphaned SFTP processes.

I'll post out here if I find a fix.

Creating Orphaned SFTP-Server PID's on the Unix Server


We have automated a process where the mainframe data comes over to the sql server.
Winscp is used to get the files from the Unixbox and transfer the files over to the SQl server .when this happens Sometimes the SFTP-Server pid's get generated for like every 1 hr or for every 30 or sometimes even less .We have running Tru64 Unix and Winscp version that is being used 4.3.2.

automated winscp talks to the winscp thru a scheduled task running every 15 mins.
Opens the port
gets the files
disconnects (close ,exit)

These are some of the Pid's that got generated...

xyz 52895 1 0.0 10:09:18 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr
xyz 52896 52895 0.0 10:09:19 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 53684 1 0.0 10:49:18 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr
xyz 53685 53684 0.0 10:49:18 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 55417 1 0.0 11:49:18 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr
xyz 55418 55417 0.0 11:49:18 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 62709 1 0.0 16:09:16 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr
xyz 62712 62709 0.0 16:09:17 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 64211 1 0.0 17:49:17 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr
xyz 64212 64211 0.0 17:49:17 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 64408 64409 0.0 18:09:16 ?? 0:00.02 sftp-server
xyz 64409 1 0.0 18:09:16 ?? 0:00.01 /bin/csh -c sr

Can any one shed some light as to why this is happening
Thanks in advance..