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Thanks guys for the info!!! I could finally fix my problem. It works good now.:)

No worries guys I have found the problem, my version of Winscp is older and does not recognise switches

Hi Guys,

I know I can login with the following

open sftp_USER:PASSWORD@

But then how do you parse the ppk key after?


Logging in via script and parsing ppk key.


I'm extremely new to this so if I'm asking silly questions do excuse me, although I have spent considerable time trying to resolve this personally.
I am writing a script to eventually get several sets of files daily. I am writing and testing the script bit by bit but unfortunatly I have not even managed to logon succussfully yet :oops: . The logon requires the parsing of a ppk key. So far I have written in format of below:

option batch on

option confirm off

open sftp_USER:PASSWORD@ -privatekey=C:\Private.ppk

But when I run this I am getting the message:

Too many parameters for command 'open'

Any help would be fantastic - I have scoured the winscp site but can find nothing of any real help, I have tried using the / switch instead of - to define the parsing of the private key but it seems I'm confused on the simplest of fundamentals....