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Re: why not?

just consider situation like I had. Read local directory, find if latest file from remote directory in local directory and depend on result perform upload or download.
If I had option to read remote and local directory into XML I would do that in a single script instead of jumping between tools and scripts...
On top of jumping between tools/scripts it will make WinSCP more user friendly and useful...
Just as personal opinion from user/developer working with WinSCP on daily basis.

Re: why not?

It's not that it does not make sense. But I do not consider it high priority, as obviously you have plenty of other options to retrieve contents of local directory.

why not?

Hi Martin,
WinScp is cool program but in next update can you do something to fix this limitation?
I am talking about opening and output content of LLS into XML as you did for LS?
I actually post similar question to original post and just found that posting, so I will close my question with link to this one...

Re: lls log to XML

It is not possible. You can probably list local directory using other methods.

lls log to XML


I was wondering if there was anyway to print the output of an lls command to an XML log similar to the ls command.

Ultimately, I would like to compare file names between the remote and source directory, by looping through each of the filename nodes in the lls XML log.