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Maybe if other users vote for this feature they can convince
you to put "copy between two remote computers" on your
"to do" list. Personally I really would appreciate that feature very much
as I often have two work on different servers at the same time.



P.S.: And I completely agree that WinSCP is a very, very nice tool....

Re: File Transfer between two remote hosts

Maxel wrote:

File Transfer between two remote hosts

I'm sorry, but I do not plan this feature in near future.

You may drag&drop file between two instances of WinSCP (even between two remote directories). However this downloads files first to local temporary directory and only after that they are uploaded to second host.

File Transfer between two remote hosts

File Transfer between two remote hosts

That would be a very nice feature for one of the next versions.


Great tool..your winscp.. i love it :)