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not putting files on server with certain users

I have written a VB.Net console application. The app creates text files using system.IO functions, then uses the command line in WINSCP to put the files on the server. I am using SFTP. It works great under 1 users account, but fails on another. This other account has been reviewd by IT stafff to have full admin rights and has been created to mimic the "working" users acocunt. When I say fail, I mean that the program does create the text files on the server correctly, then the last thing it needs to do is to put those files on the server. It does not do anything here. My tests with the different users are changed by setting "run as" to that individual user. My log file doesn't really give me any errors. Can I get a more descriptive reason why it it fails for that user or can you provide any guidance as to why it fails for that one user? Thanks.