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Re: Integrating with EditPlus 3?

martin wrote:

What version of WinSCP are you using?

Have you read ?

The document you provided the link for had what I needed, prikryl. It's now working! :.)

Oh, and I'm using version 4.3.1 with EditPlus 3.21. Thanks!

Integrating with EditPlus 3?

I'd like to use WinSCP's "Edit" with EditPlus3. I've noticed at times that EditPlus3 automatically loads a given file being accessed by WinSCP for editing, but it seems to be a somewhat unofficial way in which it achieves this because sometimes it will work right and other times, not (i.e. - not being able to save the file onto the web server).

Is there any way to integrate the two applications? And just out of curiosity, does WinSCP support plugins / addons? So many applications anymore do this to provide for additional features like the one I'm inquiring about with EditPlus3, so I'm thinking that maybe some sort of plugin might be available for this kind of thing...

Any help is appreciated.