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The problem with that is on most Unix servers, only ROOT or the owner of the file can update timestamps using touch -t etc. And it's very unlikely that you will see the majority of your users SCPing with root access, and in a development scenario, you may find yourself unable to become the owner of a file.

Thanks for confirming this. Keep up the great work!

Re: Watch Folder - Timestamp issue

Yes, WinSCP needs to "preserve" the timestamp for the "keep remote directory up to date" function to work. So if you do not have a permissions to update the timestamp, it won't work.

Watch Folder - Timestamp issue

Hi Martin, thanks for your awesome work on WinSCP. I have been a user for nearly a decade.

I just tried to set up a remote folder monitor and am getting the usual timestamp error.

The problem is that you cannot uncheck "preserve timestamp"! Is that because the folder monitor logic needs the timestamp in order to know when a file has changed?

At any rate, I'm frustrated because I really would like to monitor the local directory and sync changes, but I am constantly getting these errors.

I can't SCP as root, so what other options are there?