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You can also mount a ssh-shared-directory to your local filesystem. Then you can use all your standard/favourite tools to access and manipulate (copy, move, ...) these files.

There are at least two implementations to do that:
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The biggest handicap probably is the installation.

there is at least one

In KDE there is an IOSlave called fish which does just this. It's cool, because you can move files between Linux boxes without sharing drives, etc., in the K file manager url field just enter:


It will prompt for password. I'm sure this works on any system that can run K, meaning it might work on BSD systems as well, etc.

You can of course then bookmark this, etc.

Try it, and if not already built in, google kioslave fish

Re: Linux to Linux WinSCP GUI

Sorry, I do not know.

Linux to Linux WinSCP GUI

Before I start I would like to thank Mr. Prikryl for a great program. Thanks. Now does anyone know of a similar gui to use for transfers between Linux boxes? Something that a windows user would find easy. Click, drop, drag, etc. Thanks, jeffpoulsen