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I can not get it to reproduce the error with that version you have sent me, in the mean time I have downloaded the newest version of WinSCP, I will see how it goes with that.


Update 19/8/2011

The newest version is not suffering from the previous issue

Thanks for your help

Nightjar wrote:

Sent an email to who?

To your email address as registered here on the forum. Did you get it?

Sent an email to who?

It reconnects and continues to up and download fine now the server provider has added:
AllowRetrieveRestart on

AllowStoreRestart on

into your /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf
and restarted your ProFTPD.

Only the UI crashes so this is a bug with WinSCP not the server provider.

This does not happen through SFTP, I have gone back to FTP as SFTP gives slower speeds overall up and down.

I have sent you an email.

See a picture on this link

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>


It has lost connection, box come up and reconnects
It is working but the UI has crashed, the picture shows it in its static state

Re: FTP reconnecting issue

This has now been sorted with the server provider and is working although a bug that has appeared with WinSCP is that when it reconnects it looks like it crashes.
It has reloaded, its uploading/downloading but the UI either sticks in the tool bar or does not update and resume on screen.
If you go into the task Manager it say WinSCP is not responding.

Is there a bug fix for this?

Re: FTP reconnecting issue

It says "Append/Restart not permitted, try again". Does it mean that your server does not support transfer resuming at all or is it specific to some files? If it is general, just disable transfer resuming in WinSCP preferences:

FTP reconnecting issue

I have been WinSCP for years and highly recommend it.
Recently I have been having issues and Im hoping for some assistance.

If my connection resyncs or loses connection for whatever reason it will normally auto resume but it will then throw back an error saying it cant resume on that file and I have to manually skip file for connection to resume.

So I want to know if there is a possibility of 2 solutions

Can WinSCP be set up to auto skip the file it cannot reconnect with or resume the current file successfully

I have a log but not sure if I have done it correctly