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Re: Better Renaming Support With /keepuptodate

Thanks for your suggestion.

Better Renaming Support With /keepuptodate

It'd be nice to see better renaming support for files you're keeping synchronized with keepuptodate.

A possible implementation may be to keep a database of file hashes that way you are able to check the hash of a "deleted" file with a "created" file within x amount of seconds.

For example,

file    hash 1234zyx xyz4321

Renaming example:
You rename to
WinSCP detects that was "deleted".
WinSCP calculates hash which remains 1234zyx.
Instead of deleting, WinSCP runs mv

Delete and create example:
You delete
WinSCP detects that was deleted.
You make a new text file and name it
WinSCP calculates the hash and notices it is 9876abc.
WinSCP rm and scp

Unrelated, rsync support would be awesome (but this is already in the tracker :))