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Hi Martin,

I am not sure that it is put in a wrong place, really. I think it is because I didn't know that it would be called "synchronized browsing". This is not necessarily the fault of the developers, but could be a language issue, with me not "knowing what to search for". For now, and I am not sure if this is possible, I'd think if you could tag the topic with the work "linking" or "link" in addition to any other tags or keywords already present, that would be the best option, in my opinion.



Re: Linking left and right panes

So then you can maybe suggest, where the feature should be mentioned, so it is easy to find.

Re: Linking left and right panes

martin wrote:

*blushes* - I searched the manual but missed it initially. Then I posted this, and searched some more, and didn't find it either. Then your post, and I was wondering now how I missed it :-(

Sorry for wasting your time! :-)


Linking left and right panes

:mrgreen: I have a (at least for me) very cool suggestion for linking the left and right panels.

When you configure a connection, and set a default path for the left panel (local) and a default path for the right panel (remote), please put a checkbox there that indicates "Link panels" which will result in, for example, if I change a folder on the left panel, it will also change to it's corresponding folder on the right panel, and vice versa.

This way, it will be much easier to ensure that you are copying your modified files into the correct folder. We have 7 development environments set up, between 4 developers, and we have to copy from one to the other from time to time, and sometimes loose track of where we are - if I would attempt to copy from MY folder RMSJDM on local, to my remote copy also called RMSJDM, but previously, on my remote side, I browsed to RMSKL, and didn't realize this. Even though I will be looking at a folder that looks like mine (RMSJDM) but I am actually in a similar one (RMSKL) and will therefore overwrite KL's file on her development environment instead of mine (JDM) on my own development environment.

Do I make any sense here? I hope this feature request finds everyone well, and makes sense, and can be implemented :-)